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KDSPY is a very powerful plug-in tool for niche research that you can plug in directly into With powerful data analyzing ability, it helps to determine the profitability of your niche before you begin to create your books.

KDSPY simplifies the process of identifying potential gaps in the Kindle marketplace that your new book can occupy profitably. Whether you're interested in publishing high-content books, children's books, or creating low-content books, KDSPY is a valuable asset. By seamlessly integrating with your Amazon browsing experience, KDSPY provides a range of functions to enhance your research.


Keyword Potential

KDSPY helps you discover profitable keywords, enabling you to optimize your book's visibility and appeal to the right audience. It offers insights into competition and potential profits, aiding your decision-making process.


Word Cloud

The word cloud feature analyzes successful titles in your niche and highlights frequently used keywords. This helps you create compelling titles that resonate with your target audience.


Author Page Analysis

KDSPY enables you to assess the performance of other authors in your niche. This data-rich analysis includes metrics like the number of published books, average sales rank, estimated monthly revenue, and bestseller status.


International Data

KDSPY supports data from international Amazon Kindle stores, providing a broader perspective on market trends and potential opportunities.


Competitor Performance Tracking

The tool allows you to track a specific book's sales over a 30-day period, offering graphical insights into its performance. This feature assists you in understanding competitor success and adjusting your strategies accordingly.

It is a MUST HAVE for KDP Niche Research!


Exclusive Offer

Get my Best-Selling 3-Hour KDP Niche Research Mastery Course ' valued at $99 for FREE when purchasing KDSPY using the above button. This is an AMAZING offer for self-publishers to learn all of the important steps to successfully conduct the critical step of niche research.

Delivery of Free Course

Once KDSPY is purchased, you will receive an automated email from ThriveCart with the website link and details on accessing the complimentary course using the coupon code. If you have any trouble, please email and we can cross-check your purchase using your 'last name' details and send you an email with the coupon and access details.


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