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Getting Started

Embarking on your self-publishing journey can seem daunting, especially if you're new to the scene. That's where Global Self-Publishing steps in. We provide a helping hand, offering a wealth of resources and educational content designed to elevate your knowledge and skills quickly. We aim to streamline your journey, ensuring you can self-publish your book with confidence and across the largest marketplaces in the world.

Step #1


With 20 resources to download, you will have access to a wealth of information and content at your fingertips. We recommend starting with the below 3 resources, but be sure to visit the resources section of the website to access all templates and step-by-step guides to assist you.
Self Publishing Advice on KDP for Beginners
How to Upload Your Book to Amazon KDP
7 Steps to Publish Childrens Books

Step #2


Global Self-Publishing offers a diverse selection of best-selling courses, tailored to fit any budget. You can choose to purchase courses individually or opt for the convenience of our monthly membership at just $19 per month. These courses are designed to greatly enhance your knowledge, accelerating the publishing process and broadening your book's reach. With this increased expertise, your books have a greater chance of captivating a wider audience and achieving higher sales.

Visit our Self-Publishing Course Page to learn more

Visit our FREE 2 Hour KDP Fast-Track Course 
Amazon KDP Self-Publishing Courses on Udemy

Step #3


Stepping into the world of self-publishing, one of the wisest decisions you can make is to invest in high-quality, reliable, and high-performing software. With the latest advancements in AI technology, the right software tools can save you considerable time and effort, ensuring your final product is notably professional. At Global Self-Publishing, the software programs we recommend are not only those we trust and use in-house, but also those we confidently suggest to our clients. Our selection is concise because we prioritize excellence. Each recommended tool is the best in its field, offering cost-efficiency and an opportunity to elevate your publishing endeavors to a higher level.

Visit our Software and Tools page to learn more

200+ Videos on YouTube

If consuming lots and lots of content is your thing, we have over 200 videos on self-publishing covering a huge variety of topics. With over 23,000+ subscribers to the channel and over 1,000,000 views, we are growing a huge community of like-minded people. Feel free to click on some of the thumbnails below to check out our content or visit the channel HERE
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