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How to Publish a Book on Amazon - The Best Amazon KDP Self-Publishing Courses to Get You There!

Updated: Feb 20

Self Publishing a Book? There are many things to consider

When it comes to self-publishing, there are so many moving parts. Some of the things to consider are:
  • Finding a High Need but Low Competition Niche

  • Best Software to Use for KDP

  • Using the best keywords for your Title and Subtitle

  • Cover Design and Formatting to paperback, hardback and ebook

  • Manuscript formatting to your specific book dimensions

  • Choosing the best online platform/s to load your book

  • Best practices for launching your book

  • Marketing your book for greatest reach and potential sales

Grasping the concept of all of these elements one by one can be intimidating, so my advice would be to lean on those authors who have been through the journey before.. Many mistakes can be avoided by investing some time and money into learning the most efficient and profitable way of publishing.

Most people who are interested in self-publishing a book may initially gain their knowledge from YouTube videos. Although this approach is fine, it could take hours and hours of scrolling through content to find what you need and you might get distracted by other videos. Great courses, however, provide all of the content in a sequential order, and at any time, you can jump back into a course for a refresher.

Self-Publishing Options

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) is the largest online self-publishing platform across the globe. You can sign up to create an account HERE.
Alternatively, you can also look at self-publishing to alternative sites such as Ingram Spark and Draft2Digital.

Top 5 Self-Publishing Courses for Amazon KDP

To help give you the best chance of success on Amazon KDP, here is a list of the Top 5 Courses that cover all of the essential self-publishing needs to successfully publish your book onto Amazon KDP.

How to Create Low and No Content Books for Amazon KDP

Amazon KDP Low Content Course
How to Create Low and No Content Books on Amazon KDP

This course, ideal for aspiring and current KDP Self-Publishers, provides a pathway to expand your business and establish multiple passive income sources. With over 55 lessons, 12+ hours of instructional content, and more than 20 useful templates and resources, it guides you through the nuances of building a successful self-publishing business with a global reach.

Led by Romney Nelson, who has successfully sold 100,000+ No and Low Content Books on Amazon, this course is accessible to all skill levels. It comprehensively covers creating and publishing on KDP, offering insights into design, research, and sales strategies for Amazon’s worldwide market.

The course caters to both beginners and intermediate KDP publishers, emphasizing the creation of impactful, high-quality books.

*Course Length: 12+ hours + 20+ Resources
View the course via the following direct links:

How to Design a STAND-OUT Book Cover for Amazon KDP in Canva

How to Design a Stand Out Book Cover for Amazon KDP
How to Design a Stand Out Book Cover for Amazon KDP

Discover the secrets to creating eye-catching book covers. This course, perfect for KDP publishers using Canva, featuring over 25 lessons and 3 hours of high-quality video content. It's designed to teach you how to design covers that not only captivate readers but also increase your book sales.

You'll learn through practical, step-by-step instructions how to design covers, create 3D mock-ups, and format your books for various formats using Canva. This course is ideal for anyone, regardless of budget or design experience, offering a simple DIY approach to book cover creation.

The course covers all essential aspects, from core design principles to detailed formatting for paperbacks, hardbacks, and ebooks. You'll also learn about the correct file types and formats for uploading to various self-publishing platforms, including Amazon KDP, IngramSpark, and Draft2Digital.

By the end of this course, you'll be equipped with the skills to design better-converting book covers that can significantly boost your book sales.
*Course Length: 3 hours of video content
View the course via the following direct links:

Amazon KDP Niche Research Mastery

Amazon KDP Niche Research Mastery
Amazon KDP Niche Research Mastery

Unlock the secrets of finding profitable niches for your Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) business with this specialized course by Best-Selling Udemy instructor and author, Romney Nelson. This course is a treasure trove for both new and experienced KDP authors struggling to discover low-competition, high-demand book niches.

In this course, you'll delve into crucial steps and systems for conducting effective niche research, crucial for both Low and High Content Books. It offers a comprehensive understanding of niche research fundamentals, including niche identification, sub-niches, and topic selection. You'll learn to use specialized online tools and a unique niche research tracker to streamline your process.

*Course Length: 3 hours of video content
View the course via the following direct links:

How to Write, Create and Publish a Standout Children's Book

How to Write, Create and Publish a Standout Children's Book
How to Write, Create and Publish a Standout Children's Book

Dive into the exciting world of children's book creation with this engaging and easy-to-follow course, ideal for everyone from budding writers to experienced self-publishers. This course breaks down the process of crafting a children's book into enjoyable and manageable steps, making it less overwhelming and more of an adventure.

What You'll Learn:
  • Finding Your Why and Building the Foundation: Kickstart your journey by pinpointing your motivation and establishing the groundwork of your story, including picking out ideas, shaping your narrative, and figuring out the perfect length for your book.

  • Crafting the Perfect Title and Subtitle: Grab the attention of little readers and their parents with tips on how to come up with titles and subtitles that are both charming and catchy.

  • Formatting Made Fun: Learn the ins and outs of formatting your book just right, ensuring it meets publishing standards without the hassle.

  • Design Demystified: Whether you're artistically inclined or a novice, this course simplifies book design. Plus, it shows you how to find and work with professional designers if you'd rather not go DIY.

  • Uploading with Ease: Get a walkthrough of the uploading process on popular platforms like Amazon KDP and Ingram Spark to help your book reach a wider audience.

  • Marketing Magic: Discover a simple three-step marketing plan to get your book into the hands of eager young readers.

The course's interactive style sets it apart, offering a blend of practical advice and hands-on activities. You'll follow tried-and-true methods used in the creation of many successful children's books.

Even if you can only spare 30 minutes a day, this course is structured to help you publish your very own children's book within a month.

*Course Duration: 7 hours
View the course via the following direct links:

Mastering Amazon Ads (AMS) for KDP Book Publishing

Mastering Amazon Ads (AMS) for KDP Book Publishing
Mastering Amazon Ads (AMS) for KDP Book Publishing

Step up your Amazon Advertising game with this dynamic and result-driven course, perfect for KDP self-publishers. This course is full of insights for both newcomers and those struggling with their Amazon Ad campaigns.

Here's what makes this course a must-have:
  • Foundations for Beginners: If Amazon Advertising is new territory for you, this course lays down the essential groundwork, guiding you through the initial steps of establishing successful campaigns.

  • Advanced Strategies for Existing Campaigns: For those grappling with high ad spend and underwhelming results, the course offers tactics to fine-tune your campaigns, effectively lowering your ACOS (Advertising Cost of Sales).

  • Expert Insights: Drawing from his vast experience of publishing over 350 books internationally and years of refining his advertising approach, Romney shares valuable lessons and strategies. This includes overcoming costly errors, optimizing keywords, and maximizing sales while minimizing ad spend.

  • Comprehensive Learning: Delve into the mindset of Amazon Advertising, learn the nuances of keyword research, and master various campaign types like auto, broad, phrase, and exact keyword campaigns, as well as ASIN and Category campaigns. The course also covers campaign optimization and how to expand your advertising reach across international Amazon marketplaces.

This course is an excellent way to apply practical, actionable steps to boost your book's visibility and sales on Amazon.
*Course Duration: 3 Hours
*Ideal For: Self-publishers on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) seeking to enhance their book promotion and advertising skills on Amazon.
View the course via the following direct links:

Along with the Top 5 courses listed above, additional courses on how to self-publish books on Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) can be found by visiting:

Wishing you all the best on your self-publishing journey.


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