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Not Selling Any Books? This Could be the Missing Link!

The truth is that many people purchase and consume courses or other online content but don't necessarily apply the information correctly to achieve the results they seek. My chief aim when creating content, especially courses, is to provide the steps in a sequential order that enables my students to follow along and then TAKE ACTION as they progress. But what if you still have difficulty applying the rights steps? Do you feel there is a missing link or step you can't quite figure out that might make the difference between success and disappointment?

Below, I will outline some steps that could be the missing link, PLUS a great community you can join if you value self-improvement and sharing success with others.

Niche & Keyword Research:

Do you have the right niche and keyword research tools? Many avoid these super helpful tools because they want to avoid 'paying' for them. Let me hit you with a home truth. If you don't want to invest in these tools, you will significantly limit your chances of success. 
I recommend these tools because I use them for my research and the benefit of the one-off, lifetime purchase. 

✅ KDSPY: (View my YouTube Tutorial HERE)
✅ Publisher Rocket: (View my YouTube Tutorial HERE)

Book Cover Design:

Most newcomers to publishing will try to cut corners somewhere in the first few months, and unfortunately, designing poor-quality and unappealing book covers is near the top of the list. If your book cover doesn't grab the customer's attention correctly, other components of the book publishing process will fail. Sometimes, people revert to cheap $10 designs on Fiverr. This may also equate to a poor and disappointing outcome. 


If you don't have any design experience, I recommend using a high-quality design service or seeking out reputable designers. It might cost you more upfront, but it will save you significant disappointment when your book just doesn't sell or grab customers' attention. 


Looking for High-End Book Cover Design? I recommend: ✅ 99Designs Visit HERE

An Alternative
If you want to learn design skills, you could consider taking a course and then using a platform like It's an amazing platform that I use beyond creating book covers. I use it for my YouTube channel and also for sales and marketing. I've created several tutorials on my channel and also have a course available on the website via : 

Marketing and Advertising:

There are several elements to consider in marketing and advertising.
1. Have you developed a Launch Strategy? If not, just start with a very basic Step by Step plan. Visit the resource section of the website to download your copy. A launch strategy will provide alignment, encouragement, and a roadmap with steps you need to take from Day 1 to 30.
2. Advertising your book using Amazon Ads is a 'must have', and not optional. With so many books being published on platforms like Amazon Kindle Direct, you must stand out from other books and get in front of customers. Amazon will not automatically market your book because it's loaded on KDP. Even choosing the right keywords in your title and subtitle will have little impact if you do not market your book. Again, check out my website HERE if you need guidance.  

Be Part of a Community:

One of the key steps outlined in Napoleon Hill's famous book Think and Grow Rich is to join forces with other like-minded people and form a mastermind group. As a collective, you can share and solve challenges, discuss and implement elements that will enable you to grow, and be part of something bigger than just working solo. 

Throughout my journey, one of the greatest challenges has been overcoming the isolation from a lack of connection with others who understand the challenges of self-publishing. It's tough to find peers who truly appreciate the complexities and moving parts of publishing books.
To overcome this, I created the 'Self Publishing Academy'. The Self Publishing Academy isn’t just another course—it’s a gateway to transforming your passion into profit and growing your self-publishing business. If you decide to join, you will connect with like-minded authors and publishers from around the globe, gain access to my best-selling courses, and participate in mastermind Q&A sessions that are both enlightening and inspirational. Whether you're looking to publish for the first time, boost your current book sales, increase your passive income, or simply wish to share your stories with the world, our community is here to support you every step of the way. This is your chance to be at the forefront of something great and to secure a spot in a network that supports your publishing dreams, celebrates your wins, problem-solves your challenges and increases your knowledge and skills.
Learn more about the community HERE
Visit the community on Skool HERE

Other Helpful Resources

There are so many moving parts to self-publishing books, but hopefully, these initial tips will provide guidance on where many people initially try to cut corners and come un-stuck. 
If you would like more information, support, content or resources, please visit any of the below links.
Global Self Publishing:
Self Publishing Academy on Skool:

Take Care,

Founder of Global Self-Publishing (

Best Selling Author and Course Instructor


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