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Maximizing Your Book's Potential: Publishing Beyond Amazon KDP

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

When it comes to self-publishing books, many authors tend to limit themselves to Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing). However, in this post, I aim to broaden your horizons by introducing two alternative platforms that can greatly expand your reach. These platforms have the potential to connect your book with more customers, more frequently, in places beyond the scope of Amazon KDP. Imagine having your book stocked in bookstores, libraries, schools, and over 5,000 online retailers! Let's explore the untapped potential together.

Revenue Expansion with Amazon KDP, IngramSpark and Draft2Digital

Publishing your books through Amazon KDP is a great way to get the word out and reach a wide audience. But it's not always the best option when it comes to maximizing profits. That's why more authors are turning to other platforms such as IngramSpark and Draft2Digital. In this article, I'll expand on why it's important based on my own experience to publish wider than Amazon KDP and how the expanded reach can help you increase your bottom line.

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Don't Go Exclusive!

As authors, it's paramount to recognize that relying solely on a single platform can inadvertently stifle your revenue potential. By diversifying your distribution strategy, you effectively open new doors to income generation. While Amazon KDP offers a vast user base, opting for additional avenues such as IngramSpark and Draft2Digital can significantly amplify your book's visibility. Through these alternative platforms, you not only gain a broader readership but also the opportunity to tap into previously untapped markets beyond just Amazon's marketplaces.

Reaching Broader Audiences: Beyond Amazon's Borders

Expanding Horizons with Global Distribution

While Amazon KDP undoubtedly boasts a massive audience, its scope is inherently confined to its own ecosystem. In contrast, IngramSpark and Draft2Digital provide a gateway to international readership. With their global distribution networks, your literary creations can transcend borders and reach readers across diverse cultures. IngramSpark's linkage with an array of retail and library channels, often inaccessible via Amazon, allows your work to find its way into the hands of readers who actively seek diversity in platforms. Similarly, Draft2Digital's strong presence in key international markets such as Australia and Europe can prove beneficial as you strive to grow your readership.

Broadening Your Reach

When it comes to book publishing, Amazon KDP serves as an excellent starting point — however, IngramSpark offer over 40,000 different retail and library channels for publishing your books. Moreover, Draft2Digital offers access to even more international markets, giving authors the chance to expand their readership beyond just Amazon KDP.

By opting for platforms like IngramSpark and Draft2Digital, you regain the power to determine how and where your book is distributed. This newfound control empowers you to tailor your pricing strategies, promotional efforts, and even explore innovative marketing techniques that cater to your audience's preferences.

Unveiling IngramSpark's Features: An Author's Arsenal

Connecting with Libraries and Expanding Formats

IngramSpark stands out for its invaluable connections within the literary landscape. By partnering with libraries and bookstores worldwide, the platform enables your work to be discovered by a diverse array of readers. Furthermore, the range of printing options - from paperbacks to hardcovers and eBooks - not only accommodates varying reader preferences but also enhances your revenue streams by catering to those who relish the tactile experience of physical books. As of May 2023, authors are no longer burdened with the $49 Upload Fee for books on IngramSpark, making it an even more enticing option for authors seeking to broaden their reach.

Before publishing onto IngramSpark, I would certainly recvommend you fast track your knowledge with a course on self-publishing or a guidebook from an experienced independent author. With knowledge and the right preparation, you can ensure your book looks professional and is ready to reach wider audiences through IngramSpark.

Draft2Digital: Seamlessness Meets Potential

Simplified Navigation and Wider Reach

Draft2Digital emerges as an author-friendly haven, particularly for those seeking streamlined processes. Its formatting services, coupled with the ease of distributing to multiple retailers, alleviate the daunting task of managing multiple platforms. While it may not wield the global reach of IngramSpark, its collaboration with key players like Amazon, Apple Books, and Barnes & Noble ensures your work's availability to a considerable audience, further amplifying your revenue potential.

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Making the Choice: Navigating the Decision

Weighing Pros and Cons

Choosing between platforms requires a balanced evaluation of their distinct attributes. IngramSpark's broader reach might come with the requirement to purchase a unique ISBN for each book, while Draft2Digital's cost-free entry into its network may mean access to a slightly narrower audience. Your decision should align with your priorities, be it global exposure or user-friendly convenience. Thorough research is pivotal to selecting the platform that resonates with your objectives as an author.

Comparison of Platforms

Amazon KDP


  • Vast Audience: Amazon KDP boasts a massive customer base, offering potential exposure to a broad readership.

  • User-Friendly: Amazon's interface is well-known and intuitive for authors to navigate.

  • No Upfront Fees: Authors can publish without incurring any upfront costs. You can also obtain a free ASIN (Amazons own ISBN) for free when publishing books exclusing No Content books like blank journals and logbooks etc.


  • Exclusivity Clause: Enrolling in Amazon's KDP Select program means your eBook is exclusive to Amazon, limiting distribution options.

  • Limited Formats: Print options are mainly limited to Amazon's printing services, expecially hardback with only 5 trim sizes avaiable.

  • Account Termination: Amazon hasn't got a great record when it comes to shutting down/terminating authors accounts without explanation and then providing no recourse on getting it re-opened. My advice, is not never just reply on one platform. Diversification is key.



  • Global Distribution: IngramSpark offers a broader reach, connecting authors to diverse markets beyond Amazon.

  • Diverse Printing Options: Authors can choose from various print formats, including paperbacks, hardcovers, and eBooks with many more trim options that Amazon KDP offer.

  • Library and Bookstore Access: IngramSpark's connections to libraries and bookstores enhance discoverability.

  • Waived Upload Fee: As of May 2023, the $49 upload fee has been waived.


  • Unique ISBN Requirement: Authors need to purchase a unique ISBN for each book they publish. Prices can range from $70+ for one ISBN or if yu buy in bulk, this can be reduced to as little as $5.00 per ISBN.

  • Learning Curve: The platform might have a steeper learning curve for beginners.

  • IngramSpark do not permit Low Content Books. They have a content integrity unit that review each book as it is uploaded and have much stricter policies than KDP. Find out more about what books IngramSpark permit via their direct blog post:



  • Easy Formatting: Draft2Digital's formatting services streamline the process of publishing across multiple platforms.

  • Retailer Partnerships: The platform collaborates with key retailers like Amazon, Apple Books, and Barnes & Noble.

  • No Upfront Fees: Authors can upload their books without any initial costs.

  • Non-Exclusivity: Draft2Digital allows authors to distribute their work across multiple platforms.


  • Limited Print Options: Draft2Digital primarily focuses on eBook distribution, lacking the range of print formats available on IngramSpark.

  • Smaller Retail Network: While it partners with key retailers, its network might not be as extensive as IngramSpark's.

  • ISBN Usage: While authors can use the provided ISBN, it's not exclusively theirs.

My Final Thoughts

I want to stress the importance of diversifying the platforms in which you publish your books. By using all 3 platforms, authors can easily reach more potential readers and make their work available to a wider audience. As always, it’s important to consider all of your options before deciding which one is right for you based on the types of books you author/publish, your budget and your publishing goals.

I hope this comparison of Kindle Direct Publishing, IngramSpark and Draft2Digital helps you make an informed decision when deciding which platform is best for you. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, so it’s important to understand how they differ before selecting the one that fits your needs.

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Wishing you the all the best with your self-publishing.

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Romney Nelson - Global Self Publishing

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