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The Top 4 | KDP Self-Publishing Software Platform Reviews for 2023

Among the numerous software platforms available for publishing to Amazon KDP, I've carefully curated a list of my top four favourites. These platforms are the ones I personally use and confidently recommend to anyone seeking to elevate their self-publishing, boost book sales, and expand to profitable niches.
To go one step further, I've provided the following:
  • A Quick 20-Second Overview

  • When or if you need to purchase the software?

  • My rating out of /10.

  • A YouTube and Blog Link (Tutorial and Full Review) to assist with a more in-depth review.

#1. Publisher Rocket Review:

Quick Overview: One of the top software platforms used by Amazon KDP publishers is Publisher Rocket. This platform helps authors research keywords and categories for their books that will help them rank higher in Amazon's search results. Additionally, Publisher Rocket can help authors analyze their competition, determine pricing for their book, select the best category and compile a list of keywords and ASIn numbers for Amazon Advertising campaigns. This tool is easy to use and can help authors save valuable time that can be spent on their writing.

I joined Publisher Rocket in: Dec 2019

When or if you need to even purchase it?

In short, you should purchase Publisher Rocket earlier rather than later. The platform is easy to navigate which is great! I LOVE that it's a one-off purchase price ($97) rather than a subscription model and you get lifetime updates. There's not much 'not' to like about Publisher Rocket but it would be great if it had a feature on 'trending' keywords or something similar.

I rate Publisher Rocket a 9/10.

Discount Coupon? Unfortunately NO

For a FULL Written Review, check out my Blog Post: ​​

Publisher Rocket Review 2023

KDSPY Pro Review:

Quick Overview: Another popular software platform used by Amazon KDP publishers is KDSPY. This tool helps authors research keywords, ranking analytics, and pricing for their book. Additionally, KDSPY can help authors find profitable niches and competition gaps in their genre, allowing them to optimize their book for maximum visibility. KDSPY is a must-have tool for authors looking to increase their sales and build a sustainable publishing business.

I joined KDSPY in: January 2020

When or if you need to even purchase it?

I use KDSPY Pro for all of my Niche Research. It's by far the best when it comes to drilling down and finding a book to create based on low competition but high need. It's a little complicated to navigate to start with, so a couple of tutorials will certainly help extract the most out of the platform. Again, it's a one-off purchase price (currently $69) which is great!

While researching data beyond may be somewhat limited, it's important to focus primarily on this major market. Notably, KDSPY PRO has recently received an upgrade utilizing cutting-edge AI research technology, with ongoing improvements to come. What's even better is that with a one-time purchase, you'll receive lifetime updates. Again, I enjoy receiving Free Updates!

I rate KDSPY an 8/10

Discount Coupon? Unfortunately NO

KDSPY Review 2023

Book Bolt Review:

Quick Overview: Book Bolt is a popular software platform that helps authors with niche research, competitor analysis, creating puzzle books and assists with the formatting of your cover and manuscripts. Additionally, Book Bolt can help authors research keywords and categories. This platform is perfect for authors who focus on low and no-content books like journals, coloring books and children's books.

I joined Book Bolt in: July 2020

When or if you need to even purchase it?

One of the main reasons I use Book Bolt is for a feature called 'Book Bolt Studio'. This feature has helped me significantly during my publishing when it comes to the cover formatting. I used to pull my hair out when receiving formatting rejections from KDP and since using Book Bolt, I've not had one single rejection.

The keyword and niche research functionality is also great but perhaps not as good as KDSPY Pro. I would consider getting Book Bolt from the very start. Although it's on a subscription model (approx $12 p/m), the time it will save you will be massive and getting the cover formatting right is worth the monthly cost to me.

I rate Book Bolt 8/10

Discount Coupon? YES. Use 'lifegraduate20' for 20% off your entire order

For a FULL Written Review, check out my Blog Post: ​​

YouTube Video Tutorial: ​​

Helium 10:

Quick Overview: Finally, there's Helium 10, a software platform that Amazon KDP publishers use to find profitable niches, track their competitors, optimize their listings, and track their sales. Helium 10 offers a suite of tools, including keyword research, listing optimization, and profitability calculators, to help authors increase their book's visibility and sales. This tool may be a bit more complex to use than others, but it offers an all-in-one solution for authors looking to grow their publishing business.

I joined Helium 10 in: December 2021

When or if you need to even purchase it?

Helium 10 has so many features that it can be at times overwhelming. One of the key features is called Celebro and this can help track and analyze your competitors. Honestly, I use perhaps 3 of the key tools out of 10+ available so it ranks lower on my scale of 'must have' platforms to begin with. You can begin on the Free version and there is also a free Chrome Extension tool offered by Helium 10 even on the free plan.

My advice would be to check out the free version first and prioritize the purchase of the other 3. At a starting price of $29 p/month (Starter Package), the price is hefty unless you spend a good deal of time working through how to use all of the features!

I rate Helium 10 a 7/10

Discount Coupon? YES. Use 'NEXTLEVELKDP10' for 10% off your monthly subscription.

So, there you have it. These are the top 4 software platforms that I use to increase my book's visibility and sales. Whether you're just starting out or have been publishing for a while, you can benefit from using these tools to optimize your books for Amazon's search algorithm. Each tool offers unique features that can help you research keywords, categories, and niches, create professional book covers and descriptions, and track your sales and marketing efforts. So, take a look at each one and see if one feels like a better fit to assist with your self-publishing.

Wishing you all the best,

Kind Regards,


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